Decorative Light


While accent light is intended to draw attention to an object, decorative light is used to draw attention to itself. It can be in any form like candles, static or fixed to the wall. It doesn’t highlight a specific area, nor provide a great deal of illumination, but this light is the element most designers prefer to use to make the room look spacious and new. Its main purpose is lighting for the sake of lighting a kitchen. Because it commands notice, it is the key to distract viewers from something else, like a dull cabinet or an unattractive floor. In this sense, it can be slightly functional. However, when these lights are used, focus goes up the ceiling to an attractive cathedral design if present. This light can also be used to strike a balance among all lighting in the area including natural light.

Finally, lighting a kitchen is a herculean task itself but if the right combination is used, the room can be made an ideal spot to rejoice for the rest of the life.