More Kitchen Lighting

Task Light

Task light is something that is purely functional. It is always included as a part of a lighting plan, not as a single source of light. These lights are intended to illuminate specific areas for specific jobs such as cooking, reading the recipe or rolling out dough before baking. It is also an chabre-kitchen-28212-19001essential element when it comes to safety in the kitchen. The key to good task lighting is to install it directly or to the side of each work surface. Small lights mounted under the side of the cabinet is a great example of task lights. Task lights can be included in more than just counter-tops. There are task lights inside the cabinets, in drawers and appliances as well. Task lights make a great addition for wine bars, baking areas and snack bar tables.

Accent Light

The most overlooked element in any kitchen but the most dramatic, accent light draws attention to a particular element. The key here is choosing what to light and what to leave alone. It will be awkward to light every object in the room so they compete with one another. Instead look for the best features in the area and decide what underpins the look you want to achieve. Lighting a cooking alcove or focusing attention on a custom made cabinet are some of the ways to use accent lights. You can also highlight an antique element or rare pottery in the kitchen with this light. Accent light is purely optional and looks great if the kitchen is big enough to accommodate a party. With it the room can become an exciting and rich environment.